The Eucalyptus Grove – Epilogue

That afternoon, there was a mysterious fire in the eucalyptus grove and the entire grove was burnt to the ground. People didn’t know if they ought to feel happy or even more frightened. Was that a good omen or bad, the hut people wondered. 

A few months later the MLA’s son claimed the land and built a club there for the people of the township. There were no more “happenings”. People soon forgot about the haunting and lived like nothing ever happened.

Mishti inherited her grandfather’s property when she was eighteen. By then the township had grown to a very big industrial hub.  She would do her MBA and put her education to good use in the newly developed industrial town. 

Mayur did not marry again. He loved Ria far too much for that. It took him quite sometime to overcome her sudden demise. Half of him wanted to believe Sanjay had something to do with it but the other half of him was stubborn in not wanting to believe paranormal involvement. 

….. Until one day the wind brought with it a withered eucalyptus leaf amidst the dust and debris. As he tried to pull the window shut , he felt a cold hand on his, a cold breath on his neck and a whisper in his ear, “Mayur…… ” 


2 thoughts on “The Eucalyptus Grove – Epilogue

  1. Kudos Nithya !!!!!! Pheeeewwwwww I’ve got goosebumps all over !!!! I had hallucinations of Sanjay standing beside me and disappear once I lift my head up from the phone :p That was the level of impact …
    The selection of words and the flow of events are really commendable. The suspense all through kept me so curious that I would eagerly wait for each chapter to be uploaded .
    I’m waiting for the sequel 😍
    All the very best for your future works, hope you get the best response from all 😊
    Request all to like , share and comment 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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